1/32 Bf 110 F/G-2 and Bf 110 G-4 comprehensive conversions for any Dragon kit

Bf 110 F/G-2 70.00 (using D-1/R1 kit = 71.00, using E-2 Trop kit = 68.00)

Bf 110 G-4 85.00 (using D-1/R1 kit = 86.00, using E-2 Trop kit = 83.00)

Postage for any single kit - 10.00 Europe, 13.00 anywhere else

Please when paying include the following in the Paypal notebox to help me process your order - no new lines needed just commas......

for example

G-4 for C-7 kit, full address............



1/32 Bf 110 G-4

1 32 basic 110 F

I am now also offering a 'basic' Bf 110 early F set, no decals, PE or Vac just the resin needed to make an early verion before the late F changed the rear canopy section to MG 81Z configuration. This set is perfect if you have bought the F/G-2 full set from me to make one of the G-2s as you then have the decals to make S2+DA of St. G. 77 or indeed the Romanian Nighfighter plus a G-2


Postage per set 6.00 Europe, 8.00 everywhere else

Please include full address in Paypal notebox when ordering

Payment is sent to email address aimsmodels1@gmail.com