Hi Everyone,

I picked up an ICM Ju 88 A-5 at the weekend and without wanting to sound overly negative I thought I would share some thoughts upon opening the box aimed at those who want to make it OTB. I have naturally started making some correction parts and I am currently checking to see if my masters for my Dragon Ju 88 A-4 to a-1 conversion can be used for the ICM kit.


ICM early B satnd

Falcon early B stand

A-4 style windows

ICM crew platform

Revell and  Aires crew platform

AIMS and ICM radiator face

ICM A engine flush wih gear bay

Revell hot air exhaust ports

A-1 - A-5 front exhaust fairing

engine gear bay gap

ICM UC framework


Revell uc framework

real UC framework

ICM ETC racks

ETC racks

Revell ETC racks

too squat

Reveoleo legs

real uc

incorrect iCM stabilizer details

Revell vertical stabilizers

what it that inspection hatch

Revell correct inspection hatch

real inspection hatch

ICM F1+AS with wider s

ICM L1+GN with missing 70 71 on gondola

radio operators station

control cable inspection hatch

crew entrance

bomb bay outer hinge?

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