A very strange kit break down which makes conversions more tricky whereas with the Dragon kit the whole cockpit section is an add-on like in real life. The photo however shows that the entrance cut-out is wrong - it should extend much more forward but the biggest let down of the whole kit is the crew station platform which not only extends too far over to the right instead of just to the centre line of the cockpit but also is only on one level. If Revell can produce a 1/72 kit with correct crew platform as in their 1/32 masterpiece then surely it can be done correctly in 1/48? Dragon only gave the simplest of reeditions of this but ICM should be ashamed of themselve’s. it also does not make any sense - indeed this is a feature of this whole kit - you have clear parts which are superior to even the 1/32 Revell kit's in the way to join the kit and you have multi-piece seat frames and tremendous detail and then they go and do this and forget a ladder and give the most simplistic foot pedals ever. It is very strange - better detail than Dragon in some areas but then forgetting things Dragon did not or representing some things much better and then failing to represent things like this crew station at all! The whole kit is inconsistent in that way.