When a new Ju 88 kit comes out my ears prick up. Like many others I waited with bated breath for ICM’s 1/48 Ju 88 A-5 - being the first A-5 in 1/48 to appear from a mainstream manufacturer. When I picked one up here is what I found, read on using text beside the photos... but to skip to the conclusion - it builds lovely, the plastic is a joy to work with and issues mentioned can be overcome. Please see my Resin page for correction set and decals page for a wider choice of options than in kit -and/ or perhaps a little more accurate




Revell and  Aires crew platform





what it that inspection hatch

real inspection hatch

Revell correct inspection hatch

engine gear bay gap


ICM A engine flush wih gear bay

Revell hot air exhaust ports

AIMS and ICM radiator face


ICM ETC racks

Revell ETC racks

A-4 style windows

ICM early B satnd

Falcon early B stand



Revell vertical stabilizers

incorrect iCM stabilizer details

ICM UC framework

Revell uc framework

too squat

real uc

Revell oleo legs

ICM F1+AS with wider s

The above issues obviously carried other into ICM’s A-4 based kits and then onto the two C-6 kits but with the C-6 the amount of missing cockpit parts puts a massive question mark next to the boxarts claim ‘highly detailed cockpit.’  As I thought when Special Hobby released their ICM re-boxing of the C-4 the ICM C-6 the Day and Night Fighter comes with a front windscreen that is neither this nor that. Also - just like with the way-way under-sized aileron actuators they have provided triangular FuG dipole bases that are well.....comical! Larger mounts and FuG boxes (also FuG 202 box not in photos - are the only additions to my earlier Day Fighter update.
Using the FuG 220 boxes will however cause you a small headache...... Now it is possible that the kit decal option R4+PP had the twin B Stand but the aircraft is far away and the shape that looks like twin B Stand might just be the way the camo netting is bunched up. I am not familiar with R4+LL - the other SN2 FuG 220 decal option with twin B Stand so I cannot say. If R4+PP has indeed twin B Stand it would be the only FuG 220 machine I am aware of so fitted the reason being the FuG 220 control box is mounted right where the left side MG 81 ammo feed needs to be! - There is just no room hence the change to single MG 131 belt fed from the right requiring a different ammo box and radio bank set up. The same issue exists somewhat for the FuG 202 C-6's - all the ones I know of having the twin B Stand. I know from the Hendon R-1 that the FuF 202 was mounted on a rack on the side wall directly where the left side MG 81 ammo bin had been but that model had single rear defence weapon set up so I can only surmise that on all the C-6 FuG 202/ twin B Stand machines the ammo bin was on the floor?
I would also recommend changing the FuG 220 dipole receivers for those from Master, the ICM ones pass through the centre of the dipole instead of being at the left side and also they are 1mm too short. Thanks
























132 Revell Ju 88 A1

148 Dragon Ju 88 A-4

148 Dragon Ju 88 C-6

148 Dragon Ju 88 G-6

148 Dragon Mistel 2

148 Revell (Dragon) Ju 88 C-6

172 AMT C-6

172 AMT Ju 88 G-6

172 AMTMistel H-3

172 AMtech S1 T1

172 Bilek Ju 188 A-3 or E-2

172 Hasegawa Ju 88 A-4

172 Hasegawa Ju 88 C-6

172 Hasegawa Ju 88 G-1

172 Italeri Ju 88 A 17

172 Italeri Ju 88 A-4

172 Italeri Ju 88 C-6

172 Mistel 1

172 Revell Ju 88 A-4

172 Revell Ju 88 C-6

172 Special Hobby Ju 388 K or L

172 Zvezda Ju 88 G-6