1. 4R+BR Walter Briegleb 7./NJG 2

2. 4R+RB NJG 2

3. D5+AH Herbert Koch 1./NJG 3

4. 3C+DA NJG 4

5. 3C+DB NJG 4

6. 3C+PN 5./NJG 4

7. 3C+MN 8./NJG 4

8. C9+AA NJG 5 Rudolf Schoenert

9. C9+HB NJG 5

10. C9+AC Hans Leikhard NJG 5

11. C9+AR 7./NJG 5 Hopf

12. 2Z+HM 4./NJG 6

13. B4+FA NJG Norwegen

14. B4+SA NJG Norwegen Werner Huschend

15. Wk Nr. 622891

16. Mistel S-3 Wk Nr 460065

17. Mistel S-3 Wk Nr 460066 plus markings for Fw 190

Plus 3 x sets of Swastikas and 3 x sets of stencils


Now Here! 48D002 Ju 88 A-4,D-1, S-3 £9.99    

48D002 includes…

Ju 88 A-4 9K+AS 8./KG 51

Ju 88 A-4 3Z+AC Stab/KG 77

Ju 88 A-14 B3+AM 4./KG 54

Ju 88 A-16 3Z+UT 9./KG 77

Ju 88 A-4 5K+BP 6./KG 3

Ju 88 A-4 F1+DP 6./KG 76

Ju 88 D-1 7A+LH 3./Auf Gr. (F) 121

Ju 88 A-4 7T+LH 3./KG 76

Ju 88 S-3 +B KG 66?


Now Here! 48D003 Ju 88 national insignia £6.25

You may not be happy with the national insignia provided in the Dragon and Revell 1/48 Ju 88 / 188 kits, in which case this sheet will help.

Now Here! 48D004 Ju 88 C-6 £9.99

Chevron and bars Kdore ZG 1

F8+RY 14./KG 40

5K+ET 9./KG 3

R4+BH 1./NJG 2

D5+AV 11./NJG 3

4R+AS 8./NJG 2

Plus Ju 88 G-1 3C+MP 6./NJG 4

There was not enough room to include underwing crosses without black borders as well as the outline fuselage, upper wing and tail insignia for the G-1 option but I thought including would be a nice touch as it’s a great cammo finish and you may have the insignia you need already or are planning to buy 48D003 anyway. I have also included the missing right side Wk Nr for the Revell option R4+FM as well as the missing red ‘F’ from the front on the gondola on option R4+FK. I am not convinced that Tobar’s 4R+AS is in red so have included red and light grey markings. Badges are also given for the Revell kit with separate red or white bars to lie over as per your option.


As a result of starting to get into these old Dragon kits a number of things are coming to light. For instance If you buy the Ju 88 G-6 kit but want to model it as a Berlin or Neptune radar equipped aircraft you need the full rudder suplied in the Mistel 2 kit. Likewise if you had the Mistel 2 kit but then thought you would rather do a kit swop and use the Mistel parts on a Dragon A-4 kit to make a Mistel 1 and use the remainder for a G-1 you would be minus the belly gun pack part and radar. The radar could be supplied from Master Models or someone but I can easily provide a rudder or belly part. I think I might also do the BMW engines with and without flame dampers and Jumo 213s so you can make Ju 88 S-3/T-3s or S-1/S-3s or G-1s from your A-4 or G-6 kits which seem more readily available. If I have overlooked something please say.