Coming Soon

There is a lot coming up in the next few months which I hope will interest you.

1/32 Mistel 1/2 Warhead in injection resin with photo etch sheet as well

1/32 Mistel 1 decals - helpful if using warhead with La Arsenal Ju 88 A-4 conversion

1/48 Ju 88 Fuel cell details absent from spine of Dragon/Revell/Pro Modeller kits. Set includes a few other hatches that could prove useful if doing a late Ju 188 or a Ju 88 G-1 or 6

1/48 Decal sheet for Dragon Ju 188. I know the kit has been and gone but many have asked for me to do this. Gif has lost white outline to upper left B and also D from Z6+DM code

1/48 Photo etch set for Dragon Ju 88 G-1/6. Comes with decals for G-1 or G-6 dashboard.

Again many have asked if my 72D009 sheet for the 1/72 Ju 188 could be re-printed - well it is coming in a smaller form with one original option missing but two new ones in its place. Gif has lost white outline to upper left B and also D from Z6+DM code 

1/72 He 177 A-3/5 decal sheet for Revell kit. Many were dissapointed when the two Eagle Strike sheets sold out as quick as anything so at long last here is my own two pennies worth. I did enough national insignia to model Edith, Susi and Halga just incase some nut wants to do a dirama!

Now then I am taking a bit of a risk with this one as many of the options require after market parts or cross kitting and so I hope they will sell, those of you who know your stuff and like building varients will be pleased I am sure so please vote with your wallets when the time is right. You will see to the left a good number of BMW engined Ju 88 options which are as follows

Red 12 Mistel 2

6D+ES Mistel S2

D9+NL G-1

D5+EV R-1

+QK R-2

2N+AH R-1

4U+MK or VK S-3

T9+FH S-3

4U+A,E or FL H-1

Z6 - DL (Missing due to gif conversion)

9W+DL G-1

plus markings for Fw 190 F-8 and Ju 88 stencils and rear hatch for G-1/Mistel 2

I can provide BMW engines in resin for you.