32D002 Ju 88 cockpit decals


32D003 Early Ju 88s in the MTO





amendment tips

32D004 He 111 P-2



Ju 88 G-6 kit






Mistel 3 C kit

decal options


mock up - its big!


Ju 88 G-1





cradle parts only available if you ask for them

BMW 801s



Fuselage ducts



Ju 88 A-0

Ju 88 early twin B Stand

Ju 88 C-2 nose and gondola blank

Ju 88 extened B-2 wingtips and ailerons

Ju 88 C-4/6 front end

Ju 88 C-4/6 gondola parts

RB 50/30 camera

Extra MG 15s

C-2-C-6 weapons battery with gas ejector

SN-2 dipoles