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Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. Genesis ch 1 v 31 (Trying to do likewise!)


Revell 132 A1

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The Revell 1/32 Ju 88 A-1 is the only 1/32 Ju 88 in town and is worth every penny. Yes it came minus the cockpit decals and ETC racks and bombs and yes the wheels are for the A-4, as are the footholds in the left fuselage side, and yes the vertical stabilizer is too thin and the engine radiator cowls too bulged but for all these things it is one big modelling friendly kit that cries out for rivet tools and actual fabric seatbelts, real wood floor and state of the art turned Mg 15 barrels. You could throw alot of money at this kit and not be dissapointed and to help you spend that money consider the following other than my poor efforts...

MDC can supply you with ETC racks and a selection of bombs

Eduard can supply you with fantastic painted photo etch

Jerry Rutman can supply you with both the racks and bombs and that missing compass from the bettle eye nose.

Andreas Duda or Airdoc can supply you with a better fin and early wheels and even the early fuel dump!





Mistel 2

Mistel S 3

Ju 188 E

Ju 88 H-1


If Revell has the monopoly on the 1/32 Ju 88 then Dragon certainly has the same in 1/48. Yes Revell used Dragons mould to bring out a C-6 night fighter with their own (much better) decals but it is still essentially a Dragon kit. The detail in these many boxings is superb and the plastic nice to work with. Nearly everyone will tell you of fit issues, these can be overcome by thinking through how best to do things and a little filler, I would be more worried about the shortcomings of which there are a few. On the whole the decal options, even in the recent Cybor Hobby boxings tend to be poorly researched leaving either incorrect markings or poorly proportioned markings. Also in keeping with the whole range is the absence of a side panel to cover the large void under the crew station. Spinners tend to be poor also with the Jumo spinners in particular looking odd. And then there is the gear bay structure which whilst miles better than anything we were offered in 1/72 kits is still nevertheless not what it could have been. These wonderful kits are a cross-kitters dream with lots of spares thrown in the mix thanks to forward thinking Sprue layouts.

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1/48 Ju 88

DSCF0001 DSCF0003 AMtech S1 T1 Mistel H-3

The AMT 1/72 range of Ju 88’s - and later re-branded AMTech kits all provide nice panel detail but the clear parts are poor as is the general accuracy of their engines, the Jumo 213 on the G-6 for example being a compromise with the earlier Jumo 211 J as found on the A-4/C-6. Whereas the BMW engines found in both the G-6 kit to make a G-1 and in the S-1 kit are missing the cooling fans. Decals are generally good and Falcon clear parts and my own engine parts can clear up those issues but no matter what you do that nose area just comes in too sharp giving you cockpit and nose cross sections that are way too narrow.

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Italeri A-4 Italeri A 17
Italeri C-6
Mistel 1

All credit to Italeri for bringing out their variation on a theme which was I guess the biggest inspiration in my starting to want to make all the different Ju 88s but the kit has some issues. The clear parts, whilst replaceable thanks to Falcon are much better than the AMT clear parts. The decals are well researched but very dry and not nice to use, the cross section of the fuselage is too square, the raised panel lines an eye-sore. The kits Jumo 211 have cowl flaps that are too pronounced and like with the AMT kits the gear bays are no where near big enough. Oddly something has gone wrong with Italeri’s lower wing design in that the sharp fall at the landing flap hinge line has been replaced with the gentle scallop of the aileron revetment and vise versa?

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DSCF0007 Hasegawa C-6 DSCF0006

Great 1/72 kits but just too expensive these days and hard to find sometimes as well! Clear parts could have been a little thinner and undercarriage needs positioned a little more forward in the gear bays but other than that - lovely!

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Revell A-4 Revell C-6 DSCF0004

Best just not to bother, lifes too short, there are better kits around, same goes for the Airfix kit as a base.



Good reference books

Whilst much easier to get hold off and with some lovely redeeming features this kit needs a lot of work doing to make it anything like a Hasegawa offering and even if you can get a better fin and engines and cockpit interior you will still have wings that are just too thin! Decals are good and crew figures extremely well sculptured but a G-6 not that much better than the earlier AMT offering.

Aero Detail

Air Doc


Kagero 1

Kagero 2

Kagero 3

Manfred Griehl



Osprey 75

Osprey 79


SS 1

SS 2

Trojca 1

Trojca 2

zum model

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