Please make payment by cheque, Postal Order or Paypal. If sending a cheque please make it out to John McIllmurray and send to 2a Oakhouse Road, Bexleyheath, Kent, DA6 7NA, UK.

If using Pay Pal invoice to email address: j_s_mcillmurray@talk21.com

Please contact me before payment to find out Postage and packing charge tailored to your order. Use above contact details or ring me on 0208 3014495


Prices at a glance

Please be aware that prices have had to go up as costs to myself go up - I am a modeller myself and not out to rob you so please understand


AIMS 72D003 ‘Felixstowe F.2A N4383’ £4.50

AIMS 72D005 ‘Jumo J engined Ju 88 collection’ £6.50

AIMS 72D006 ‘He 111 collection pt. 1’ £6.50

AIMS 72D007 ‘He 111 collection pt. 2’ £6.50

AIMS 72D008 ‘Ju 88 G-1/S-2 collection’ £6.50

AIMS 72D009 ‘Ju 188 collection’ £6.50

AIMS 72D010 ‘He 111 collection pt. 3’ £6.50

AIMS 72D011 ‘Ju 52’ £11.00

AIMS 72D012 ‘Ju 88 G-6 collection pt 2’ £5.00

AIMS 72D013 ‘RS Models Do 17 P Spanish Civil War correction sheet’ £1.50

AIMS 72D014 ‘Mistel 1 early warhead’ £4.50

AIMS 72D015 Commonwealth in Korea £7.00

AIMS 72D016 Me 321 B £4.50

AIMS 32D002 Ju 88 cockpit decals £2.60

AIMS 32D003 early Ju 88s in the MTO £8.00

AIMS 32D004 He 111 P-2 £8.50

AIMS48D001 Ju 88 G-6 £8.75

AIMS48D002 Ju 88 A/D/S £9.99

AIMS48D003 Ju 88 National Insignia £6.25

AIMS48D004 Ju 88 C + 1x G-1 £9.99

Conversion sets (multi media)


Ju 88 C-2 £3.50

Ju 88 C-4 £6.00

Ju 88 C-2-6 weapons battery plus gas ejector £3.50

Ju 88 long wing tips/ailerons £6.00

Ju 88 early B Stand £6.00

Ju 88 A-0 £4.00

Rb 50/30 camera £1.00

2x MG 15s £2.00

Ju 88 A-1 dinghy compartment £2.00

Ju 88 A-5 onwards dinghy compartment £2.50

Ju 88 A-1 DF compartment £1.50

Ju 88 G smooth tread weighted wheels £4.50

Ju 88 C/R/G / Me 110 G SN-2 dipoles £7.00

Ju 88 G-6 £55.00

Ju 88 G-1/ Mistel S-2 £55.00

Ju 88 Mistel S-3 £55.00

Ju 88 Mistel S-3 extended fuselage and cradle only £15.00


I have a number of A-0, A-1, A-5, A-5F and C-2 decal options cut from a few remaining sheets of my first ever decal sheet. These have been put in with Jumo 211 B’s, 2x Falcon canopies and instructions on how to simply convert fin/rudder and wing tips using provided scale plans (C-2s also have weapons battery). The Falcon parts can be used directly with Italeri kits whilst Hasegawa kits require close following of the instruction. Early style ejector on C-2 decal options can be represented easily by modeller - like with other early features. These small kits with the decal option of your choice are £10.00 and are first come first served whilst I have them. Please see 1/72 page for decal options.

Do 217 N2 (for Italeri Do 217 J-2 kit) £6.70

Mistel 1/2 warhead and cradle £6.00

Ju 88 C-6 conversion for Hasegawa A-4 kit £2.00

He 177 A-3 Aileron conversion for Revell A-5 kit £4.00

Ju 88 Berlin radar nose for Hasegawa cockpit dimensions £1.50

Ju 88 Morgenstern (vac form) nose for Hasegawa cockpit dimensions £2.50

Engine sets (resin & white metal)

Jumo 211 J engines to replace Hasegawa Ju 88 A-4 etc kit parts £4.00

Update Sets

BMW 801 engines fronts and spinners for Italeri Do 217 E, J-1, K-2 kits £3.00

Do 217/Ju 88/Ju 188 – Armoured Pilot Seat £1.00

F 15 E ‘ STRIKE EAGLE’ Weapons Set £13.50

Ju 88 G-6 Zvezda update/correction set £13.00


AIMS PE72001 FuG 200 & 217 radar dipoles for any Ju 88 or 188 kit £4.00

AIMS PE72002 Torque links and EZ 6 antenna missing from Extra Tech’s PE sets for the Ju 188 £1.00 (including P&P – this item only)

AIMS PE72003 Do 24 exterior set £10.00

AIMS PE72004 Do 24 interior set £13.00